What is a Risk Assessment for?- I’ll show you – You need to have done one BEFORE there is an accident on set


Health and safety is something to be seen as unavoidable and practiced as a simple, straight forward part of your job.
It is not mysterious, or magical but needs to be something you have a deep knowledge and understanding of.
It is not the remit of a small number of insiders but rather the responsibility of everyone involved.
It is what you are expected to practice if you are designing a set, propping a set, dressing a set or even delivering to a set.
If you are responsible for anyone on set, then you need to do a risk assessment and have anyone below you with any degree of responsibility, do one for you.
The risk assessment shown below, uses very simple language and general terms but it does not mean that you do not understand in detail the reasons for these simple instructions.
It also does not mean that you do not have to explain in detail all of these risks to each worker prior to beginning work and making sure that they in turn understand.
The more detailed your risk assessment, the less pressure to show your level of experience in an inquest.
It also serves to sharpen your mind to the things you need to watch for during the job.

If an accident occurs on set, everyone down the line beginning with the producer, will be asked for a risk assessment, one completed prior to the start of work.
If anyone has not submitted one, then they, personally can be held, at least in part, directly responsible because they can not prove they were aware of and acted upon the risks present in the situation

I’ll do more on this topic later.

Michael Mulligan

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