West London Studios

Having borne witness to the final demise of a little studios near our current workshops and awaiting the imminent closure of the venerable Greenford Studios, formerly Grip House, it is hard not to wonder at the future of studio spaces in London.

The cost of running a studio and more importantly, the value of the property a studio occupies for more profitable industries would seem to prohibit large scale studio complexes within a few miles of central London over the coming decade.

Black Island Studios are still going strong but losing two decent sound stages from the group seems a shame for such well managed studios, when we are already struggling to find decent purpose designed stages with good access, parking and catering on site in the capital.

I for one hope that in the near future we don’t all end up driving out to the M25 in order to get full height studio walls or stages which can accomodate sync sound.

Michael Mulligan

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