Smashing Up Props

Have you had that sickening sensation as you smashed up a new kitchen unit Ar loaded a whole skip with huge blocks of polystyrene on its way to a thousand years in landfill.

Why do we do it?
How can we stop it?
Surely it would be cheaper not to.

We do it because we cannot afford to store these things for years in dry storage.

We can stop doing it by reusing these items shortly after storing them to cover the cost.

And here is the real kicker, you could cost effectively reuse a great deal of materials if you had the certainty of ongoing contracts.
You could plan, as other industries do, for minimal waste and design your set, for maximum reuse.
It is the extremely volatile nature of our work that contributes most to lack of efficiency and the stifling of creativity in designing more reusable set design systems and prop hire.

Michael Mulligan

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