High Gloss Designs, If You Can Afford Them

I remember being taken aback the first time a painter quoted me £275 per square meter for high gloss cellulose spraying on a piece of set for an event build.

We have always sprayed small items for events design and build but way back then, we hadn’t been asked to produce large areas of high gloss in a paint finish.

Always trying to do things ourselves where possible, we looked into the process with a view to lowering costs, as we expected much more of these requests, the more events design and build work we began to receive.
The high cost, unfortunately, seemed largely justifiable.
Here’s why;

1 A perfect extraction booth that does not allow overspray to settle and ruin the gloss but sucks it away from the area rapidly.
2 Enormous time spent rubbing down the slightest imperfection because gloss shows up every little flaw.
4 Multiple coats of colour, each perfectly applied (or else more rubbing down will be needed)
5 Lacquering always gives you a deeper gloss than a gloss paint and is even more crucial to apply at the perfect thickness, too little and you get satin, too much and you get a run.
6 The complete exclusion of all traces of silicone (remarkably omnipresent these days) from the environment to avoid little dimples in the laquer
7 Heating systems allow these many layers to be applied rapidly so as not to use so much time in this expensive booth.

After much consideration, we decided to spray everything ourselves in our own workshop…
Except for high gloss cellulose!

We have managed to slash the price we pay but if a client hires us for an events design and build, they expect a perfect finish first time, every time and we just can’t commit to the space and time involved.

Michael Mulligan

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