Events and Exhinitions, How They Differ From Our Film Work

We would all like a diverse client base to smooth the years workflow, so it is important to understand how set building for film and design
& build for events or exhibitions fundamentally differ.

The main difference is in the much longer lead times you get in designing and building for an event or fabrication an exhibition stand.

We initially found it hard to believe, that we had more than two or three days to budget, draught and deliver exhibition stands and events but we settled into the steadier pace and use the extra time to refine the finished product as much as possible.
It has given us a considerable advantage coming from a film background, in that we often are asked to do the last minute projects that other companies shy away from.

The question is often asked, can there be crossover in skills between Events and Film?

The answer is yes.

For those of you in Design and Build within the exhibitions industry, the skills needed are similar, although there is greater creative freedom and less resilience needed from the objects produced.

When we do a stand or a show, we use harder paint finishes with a perfect finish

With film we use a wide range of effects and illusions using water based paints and polishes that only really look perfect viewed through a lens.

One can adapt to each but only with team members well versed in a given discipline to keep standards at the highest level!

Michael Mulligan

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