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Events Displays and Experiential Prop Makers

With an increasingly large and more sophisticated events industry, the opportunity for creating wonderfully challenging and unique pieces is growing as well. A surge in experiential marketing has revealed new ways to reach a particularly, jaded, urban public. If you cannot find someone who has already built what you, then great, its an original idea and you have come to the right place! That’s what we do for a living! SetSupermarket is a bridge between the imagination of our clients and technical facilities need to bring those thoughts to life. Our clients should always feel, there is nothing they can not ask us to create. No scale too great, nor concept too elaborate for a company like ours. The process we use is unique to each client and indeed often to each project. We may be needed to involve ourselves in the creative process or simply manufacture to specifications, perhaps even simply attend site for the installation. Minds change and our long experience in the film industry has taught us that nothing is ever set in stone. One must be prepared to abandon what was agreed if it no longer serves your clients needs and apply a creative mind to a new plan. The new emphasis on authentic storytelling in the events industry can also draw from our many decades of film experience and the techniques developed for narrative realism over the last century. Steel, wood, stone, glass, acrylic, you name it and we are prepared to use these or any other medium to convey your message. I a cynical media saturated environment, audiences are not prepared to accept, “more of the same”. A little novelty goes a long way toward gaining notoriety in the press and a lasting impression in the minds of those who attend your event.

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