Building a Set For Theater

This is the first of many articles on the subject of Theatrical Scenery, or sets for theatre, as you may want to call it. These differ from set builds on films or TV, mainly by virtue of the venue specific fire safety specifications as well as having greater freedom from the standards required from high [...]

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Construction Values – Production values contained in what we build

It’s a competitive industry and everyone would like to maximise the creativity allowed by their budget. Television drama requires, not only room sets and spaces, but also, very often set pieces, fittings furniture and large props to be made, particularly for period productions. The obvious target for cost cutting has generally been the daily rate [...]

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5 Ways We Try to Drive Down the Cost of Set Building

Reducing labour without using cheap unskilled labour, is fundamental to the SetSupermarket approach to construction. We don’t mind working harder but we need to use the very best people available. Having anything less than the best, can only lead to lower productivity, excessive waste and dangerous working conditions. Good management can get several times the [...]

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