British Film, What Went Wrong?

I suppose you could blame it on the decline of empire or the rise of American hegemony but I suspect a more specific cause for the loss of footing experienced since the heady golden years at Ealing and Elstree. Is it perhaps just the films that are made? Is it perhaps just a lack of [...]

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Why Does Model Making Cost Much

The answer is simple and yet rarely appreciated fully. There's a whole lot of work involved! Now, that seems a poor explanation but here me out. If you are building a rig for a shoot, it has to work, while the camera is rolling. You come up with an idea, spend days perhaps, buying the [...]

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How to Hang Wallpaper on a Set Build

These two videos give a clear and thorough explaination and if you can follow it you will get a reasonable level of finish. Obviously we use wallpaper often, so we are faster but there is no reason you can't get it perfect first time if you understand the underlying principals! I don't recommend that you [...]

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5 film construction practices for cheap set builds

First, have a meeting, with everyone possible, rather than a prolonged process of drip feeding information and waiting for feedback. To ask for a quote without giving the full picture can only be dealt with by the construction manager by adding a large contingency for the missing parts of the job, which may scare away [...]

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