Cad Drawing for Set Design and Film Construction

We regularly use CAD drawing for film and TV work, especially when prop making or model making. Not only is it more accurate than manually cutting wood and plastics, it is often much cheaper. Laser cutting props and models is very effective when using acrylic or steel as it gives you perfect finished edges. CNC [...]

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Film Construction Budget Extras

Any new items added will be invoiced and not rolled into the quote, it needs to be cleared with production. Even though art department often absorb extras into the prop budget, construction don't. Any extra at any time ,eeds to come to the attention of the producer in writing, so that the extras invoice is [...]

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Set Building Materials, Advanced Payment

Standard practice now to cover materials and cancellations, which are common. We have all been knocked by collapsing production companies, you have to remember, set building companies take on tens of thousands of pounds in credit risk on every job. Not only the materials but cancellation fees from carpenters have to be covered by the [...]

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Set Build, Hiring a Skip

You need to warn production early to arrange something more than bins. It is amazing how much waste can be created by construction and how rarely production are aware of this fact no matter how often they have shot in studios. You can fill £500 worth of skip with a simple room set depending on [...]

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