Can You Build A Set While Lighting

When there is a lighting rig, someone has to go first and someone has to wait. Very very often, a build day will somehow be conveyed to the camera department as a pre-light day. You will be told "the DP wants to come down and do a few tests" Next thing you know, sparks are [...]

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Set

Check if they have booked a build day and a strike day as it is often forgotten by new production managers, eager to trim costs. They will sometimes imply it was for you to check how many days were available. It is possible to build shoot and strike in a day but only on very [...]

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Filming In A Studio, What You Need To Know!

You need a slow careful survey, or ask the construction manager about the studio as we have generally worked in all of them. Another time not to allow yourself to be rushed is during a survey. If its a build on location, allow yourself leisure to go around the room several times and draw it [...]

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