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Events Set Build & Film Construction

SetSupermarket’s workshops are based in 426 Long Drive, Greenford, West London, UB6 8UH.

Our Offices are at 55 Chase Road. Park Royal, London, NW10 6LU, within the Superhire complex

Event design as support for experiential marketing, film construction, event display, event props, mechanical props and action vehicle modifications are our stock and trade. Our Construction managers have many years experience in all areas of film construction and our prop makers work in a huge array of materials, delivering beautiful pieces for events, film and other media. We fabricate at our workshops to reduce get in times but also deliver entirely on site construction solutions. We aim for the fastest possible turnaround and the highest levels of quality. Our reputation is our most valued asset and has been hard earned over many years. Our client list will speak for itself but be our guest and look through some of our projects posted on the Event Design or Set Build pages. Please browse our work and get in touch via email or phone, should you need any more advice.

We are always happy to entertain hypothetical event design or film set build projects over the phone and give what helpful advice we can, or perhaps stop by the office for a chat. A large portion of studio builds are only about 50% likely to go ahead these days, particularly, music promo sets, so we don’t hold it against you if you need to get the ball rolling before complete conformation. We are particularly interested in Experiential Events and Viral videos, and would love to help you make your ideas practical. There are not many scenery designs we haven’t done before but we always love it when we find one.

All collections of projects are from the Greenford site and access should be confirmed in advance. Dry loading access is available but vehicles over 10.5 foot in height will have to be loaded or unloaded will not gain access and must be loaded outdoors.